Jennifer Giroux – HLI America and the Association of Large Families of America

giroux2Thanks to Jennifer Giroux for joining Greg and Jennifer on TCND this morning! Be sure to check out the Association of Large Families of America for their witness and resources!

Before joining HLI as the Executive Director of HLI America, Jenn Giroux was the Founder and President of Women Influencing the Nation (WIN), an organization dedicated to reclaiming traditional morality in American society.

WIN places a special emphasis on regaining respect for women as mothers and the desire of many women to have more children. Jenn has been a Registered Nurse for 24 years. She has witnessed the devastating physical, mental, and spiritual consequences women have experienced from the lies of the feminist movement, particularly from the effects of contraception and abortion.

Through personal witness, her pro-life activities, and various political efforts, Jenn has defended Church teaching on the sacred transmission of life and the inviolable dignity of life in the womb. In 2007, as Assistant to the President at Citizens for Community Values she developed an outreach program to help Catholic Parents shield their children from internet pornography. Between 2006 and 2008 she worked inside Kansas to expose the abuses of Late Term Abortion laws and the criminal acts of Planned Parenthood. This included being Campaign Manager for the re-election of Former Attorney General of Kansas, Phill Kline, during the only criminal case ever brought against Planned Parenthood.

Jenn is a frequent guest on Catholic Radio and has been seen debating these and many other family issues on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News. Jenn regards God’s gift of motherhood as her most important and fulfilling work. She and her husband, Dan, live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have been blessed with 9 children.



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    we are trying to get in touch with jennifer Giroux. Is a email we can use to reach her?

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