Father William Anderson – Introduction to the Bible

Thanks go out to Father William Anderson for joining Greg and Jennifer to discuss his new book Introduction to the Bible.

The Bible–with God as its focus–is ever ancient and ever new, a compilation of many books from unique periods of antiquity that makes it a library within a library, says Father William A. Anderson in Introduction to the Bible: Overview, Historical Context, and Cultural Perspectives.

The Bible is the most revered of Christian texts, but many are unfamiliar with it and ask: What do Scriptures teach today’s seekers of God’s word?

Father Anderson answers in everyday language, stating that the Bible helps us examine our lives in relationship to God.

In Introduction to the Bible–which lays the groundwork for the Liguori Catholic Bible Study series of twenty-one books featuring details on the books of the Bible–you’ll find: Historical context, cultural customs, and succinct background of all the books of the Bible; The many core biblical themes, such as the covenant between Yahweh and his people, the importance of land, the kingdom of David, the coming of the Messiah, the reign of God, and more.

William A. Anderson, DMin, PhD, is a presbyter of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia. A director of retreats and parish missions, professor, catechist, spiritual director, and a former pastor, he has written extensively on pastoral, spiritual, and religious subjects. Father Anderson earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, and his Doctorate in Sacred Theology from Duquesne Universityin Pittsburgh. Check out his book online and you can see a collection of all our show guests here!



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