Kevis Antonio – Five Blocks Away

Greg and Jennifer have been talking about the movie Five Blocks Away this afternoon. Thanks go out to writer/director/producer Kevis Antonio for joining the show to tell us all about it!

This will be the first motion picture produced by a Catholic Parish and will focus on reaching the young adult audience. The future relies on the seeds we plant today and in order to make an impact on that future and lay a path full of hope, it is with great anticipation that Siena Pictures will be releasing “Five Blocks Away” in theaters in the spring of 2013.

Kevin is the founder of Rising Faith Productions and has worked on numerous films. His latest project, the documentary Bread of Life has receive rave reviews and was officially selected into John Paul II International Film Festival and syndicated on an international TV network. A member of St. Catherine of Siena Church, Kevis serves on the leadership team of Siena Pictures. His twin passions are film and faith, and through his work in the film industry, he is able to combine the two for the benefit of those who wish to learn more about the word and will of God. Kevis and his wife Stacy reside in Acworth with their newly born twin boys.

Check out the film online and help them out with a contribution if you can!



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