TCND #061: Wally Llama

Our son Walter joins us as discuss First Concerts, Bastille and Fallout Boy, Rudderless Soundtrack, Dumb and Dumber To, Vaccinations and a Mini-Miracle, Kindle and other eReaders, Books for Kids, Teen’s Perspective of Sacred Heart of Jesus, and High Schoolers…


TCND #060: Finding Happiness

Colorado Marijuana Advertisements, New Website Update, Movie Panel Podcast, Update on Greg’s Health, Kids with Different Beliefs, and the Four Levels of Happiness. Your Voice is Important to the Show – Feedback Number: 206-203-3089 Want to be a part of…


TCND #059: In Sickness and In Health

Greg has an MRI for a mysterious ailment, Celebrating All Saints and All Souls, Naming our baby after Jennifer’s Miscarriage, and Teens Ministering to Teens Love the show?  Please become a Patreon Supporter of TCND! Be sure to check out…


New TCND Podcast #058: Endurance

Romans 5, Redemptive Suffering, Keeping Kids Catholic, More Patreon Patrons, Read-Along Revival, Boycotting Steps, and more! Love the show?  Please become a Patreon Supporter of TCND! Be sure to check out the amazing bonuses available to YOU for as little…


New TCND Podcast #057: Unexpected

We discover some unexpected news, Praying for the Dead, A chance to win a copy of The Catholics Next Door signed by the whole family, and lots of great feedback. SCROLL DOWN TO ENTER THIS WEEK’S ULTIMATE CATHOLICS NEXT DOOR…


New TCND Podcast #056: Here’s a Tip

Your chance to win 5 Recent Catholic Books, Greg’s Sacred Art Painting, Update on Jennifer’s Dad, and How YOU can help us make even more content. SCROLL DOWN TO ENTER THIS WEEK’S ULTIMATE CATHOLICS NEXT DOOR PRIZE PACKAGE! Your Voice…


New TCND Podcast #055: Touring Hobbiton

Our trip down under continues as we jet to New Zealand for whirlwind drive south of Auckland for a day of touring Hobbiton and the set of the Shire used for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Movies….


New TCND Podcast #054: Visiting Australia

Join us as we go visiting Australia, walking through the streets, taking a ferry to Manley Beach, pet kangaroos and koalas, and talk new media and the Catholic faith.  A jam packed show from our visit down under! Click here…


New TCND Podcast #053: Life Changes

Life changes are sometimes easy to deal with, and other times can deal a painful blow.  In this episode we share both some good and bad life changes including our oldest teenager’s quest for work, progress on an exciting new…


New TCND Podcast #052: Be a Spiritual Leader

Greg shares what it’s like to give a sex talk about Natural Family Planning in front of his parents, Mac Barron calls in to actually complement Greg, and Greg and Jennifer answer questions for a book about how husbands and…