New TCND Podcast #055: Touring Hobbiton

Our trip down under continues as we jet to New Zealand for whirlwind drive south of Auckland for a day of touring Hobbiton and the set of the Shire used for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Movies….


New TCND Podcast #054: Visiting Australia

Join us as we go visiting Australia, walking through the streets, taking a ferry to Manley Beach, pet kangaroos and koalas, and talk new media and the Catholic faith.  A jam packed show from our visit down under! Click here…


New TCND Podcast #053: Life Changes

Life changes are sometimes easy to deal with, and other times can deal a painful blow.  In this episode we share both some good and bad life changes including our oldest teenager’s quest for work, progress on an exciting new…


New TCND Podcast #052: Be a Spiritual Leader

Greg shares what it’s like to give a sex talk about Natural Family Planning in front of his parents, Mac Barron calls in to actually complement Greg, and Greg and Jennifer answer questions for a book about how husbands and…


New TCND #051: Camping in Colorado

The entire Willits family make appearances on this episode as we take you with us on a wilderness adventure of camping with the entire family in one of Colorado’s beautiful state parks.  We talk about camping equipment for a family…


New TCND #050: Helping Teens Have Faith

Living with non-Catholics and helping teens have faith and grow closer to God is a main topic for this episode of TCND. Plus we talk about what it was like when Greg was the only Catholic in the house, Vocation…


New TCND Podcast #049: Bird by Bird

A listener asks Greg how he does all he does and still spends time with the family. Greg responds by sharing his number one productivity tip. We also discuss free family resources from the Archdiocese of Denver, Anne Lamott’s book…


New TCND Podcast #048: Return to Atlanta

On this very special episode of The Catholics Next Door, another mobile cast! This time, Greg and Jennifer drive around their former stomping grounds in Conyers, Georgia (where they lived for almost 15 years) and give you a soundseeing tour…


New TCND Podcast #047: Earning Money for College

With college quickly approaching for some of our children, we discuss creative ways of earning more money to be able to help pay for college tuition. Other topics discussed in this episode include Father’s Day, the importance of respecting your…


New TCND Podcast #046: Keeping Kids Busy During Summer

Keeping kids busy during the summer is one of the biggest challenges we face on an annual basis.  This year we signed up at a local recreation center, and we’re already benefitting, but we’re still stuck on more ways to…